CMNY joins TD Bank’s Affinity Program

We’re proud to announce a new partner in our fundraising efforts. ChamberMusicNY has joined TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program, which provides our organization the opportunity to earn annual cash contributions. We’re thrilled with the ease of participating in this program and that there is no cost to our organization or our members. For additional information, visit your local TD Bank Store.

Join TD Bank’s Affinity Program; Use code ChamberMusicNY AG085.
Open a new checking account; YOU get $25 and ChamberMusicNY gets $50!

Already have a TD checking account? Link to our Affinity Code: ChamberMusicNY AG085 and CMNY gets $10!

Joining TD Bank’s Affinity Program for ChamberMusicNY AG085 is easy!
1. Call or stop into any TD Bank office (In NYC, Justin Weingartner, 212-579-9418) (Toll Free: 1-888-751-9000)
2. Tell a bank representative that you want to join the Affinity Program for ChamberMusicNY AG085.
3. Give them your name and account numbers.
If you do not currently bank at TD Bank, any bank associate can help you open an account and join the Affinity Program. Any TD Bank customer can join the Affinity Program benefitting ChamberMusicNY AG085, so ask your friends, relatives, and business partners with TD Bank accounts to call 888-751-9000 and join too. There is absolutely no cost to you, and TD Bank will keep all of your information strictly confidential.

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